Dorothy is Dead!

Today started out just fine. I got up, took my car to get an oil change since I don’t have the time to do it myself, went to see two of my best friends who just got back from keller, then went to work. After work I went to Magoo’s(my local pool hall), and had a great time. My car, which I previously named Dorothy, was driving a little strange all day ever since I got the oil changed, but the tranny is about to go out so I wasn’t particularly worried about it.

So I turn my car on, and I hear a slight slapping sound coming from the engine. Didn’t think much of it, if it was much of an issue it could wait. Well, I was wrong.

First, it dies on me as I am pulling into a Shell station. I turn it back on and the slapping sound continues, only much, much worse. I immediately pop the hood to check the belts; they are just fine. I can tell the noise is coming from the engine block. So I decide to drive the three miles down to QuikTrip. It’s doing fine, up until I’m at the light turning in. I start to go, and she just dies.

Long story short, Dorothy may be done for. The transmission, catalytic converter, and quite possibly the entire engine now need to be replaced, not to mention all that is wrong with the interior. I’m afraid it may cost more than the car is worth to get it fixed. I had to have her towed to my house, and there she sits, waiting to be taken to my mechanic. All I can hope for is that the damage isn’t too terrible in the block. Only time will tell if I can keep my Dorothy, or if she is headed to the salvage yard.


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